Guide for participants

The number of the participants in the IYPT grows every year and the teams are coming from all over the world. This gives the tournament a colorful and multicultural quality, which makes the IYPT always more interesting and pleasant. The basic idea of the tournament is to bring together young people from different parts of the world, to enhance their interest in physics and to experience a fair competition between them. It is the aim of the IYPT to develop good understanding, insight and appreciation between people of different experience and lifestyles. Respectful and courteous behavior is essential for a friendly atmosphere and for a pleasant social experience. Therefore we ask all participants to follow the following rules:

  1. The team-leaders are responsible not only for the preparation and the correct participation of their teams in the physics-fights but also for an appropriate conduct during the whole period of the tournament.
  2. The participants should be aware of the fact that they are representatives of their home countries, proudly showing their special identity without undue exaggeration. The behavior of the participants should be always respectful and attentive to the different cultural customs of other participants.
  3. The teams are guests of the host country. This requires an adequate polite behavior. It is essential that all participants strictly observe the laws of the host country.
  4. The teams are expected to attend all the official conducts organized by the hosts of the tournament. They are obligated to show up punctually at the fights and all the official events.
  5. Appropriate outfit (e.g. school casual) is a sign of respect towards the hosts and all the other participants.
  6. It is the duty of all participants to follow the directions of the Local Organizing Committee in any case and to contribute to an easy and frictionless development of the fights.
  7. Technical changes, in particular, can be applied only in agreement with the LOC and any requests must be presented in good time before the beginning of the fights.
  8. Conflicts and misunderstandings between the teams must be settled in a respectful way which does not offend sensibilities and feelings of other participants.
  9. The belongings of other participants and the equipment provided by the organizers are to be handled carefully. In case of damage the cost-by-cause principle is applied.
  10. During the competition, teams may draw ideas from presentation of other competing teams; however proper citing is essential.
  11. During a stage of physics fight, it is strictly prohibited to use any kind of electronic communication, in particular connect to internet.